It beggars belief but The BLOG is about to open if we get around to writing for it!

Es increíble pero El BLOG pronto sea abierto si no estaremos demasiados vagos (ó pobre, claro) para usar!

The Lazy Beggars

A quick BIO of Lyndon...

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OK, a quick Bio - my name´s Lyndon (usually Idiota as it goes) and I´m 30-some (although I still think of myself as 15 :-)

As soon as I was old enough I started travelling a little bit before going to Uni (Canterbury, England) and dropping out to learn how to juggle and do some more travelling, hitchiking etc.

After this (early 90´s) I went to work for a couple of Internet Providers and then, when the so-called "Internet Boom" happened, became a contractor working as a Network Engineer/Architect for multinational companies, banks etc.

This, obviously, involved a load of travel - most of the work involved being in different countries every day or two and it was basically this that started making me sick of it all - you get to see lots of different taxis, hotels, airplanes etc. but not much in the way of the heart of the places...

So, basically I dropped out again and went travelling and juggling (through England, France, Spain) until ending up in Granada where I met Jose.

A few years ago I was diagnosed with diabetes which sometimes makes living on the street more interesting ;-)

We spent about 6 or 7 months living in a cave in Sacromonte and during this time came up with the idea for the four signs (Food, Wine, Hash, Cocaine) while working with another mate and his dog (one sign for what each of us wanted at the time - his dog was hungry, Nigel (as per usual) wanted wine and Jose and I wanted coke and hash respectively ;-)

This is also where we got Nemo - the laziest dog I´ve ever seen! He was abandoned near the caves while about two weeks old (far too young to leave the mother) so we took him in.

Since then we´ve been travelling about using the signs (there are other versions too) making people smile - which also sometimes means they give us money. We´ve been doing it for over two years and people keep taking fotos (as it´s original and funny) so we´ve got a website now with galleries and stuff on...enjoy.....!!!

BIO for Lyndon by Jose :

We met in Granada about three years ago and he still manages to fuck me off in different ways!

We're honest...we (hopefully) made you think and smile...
...we've even got a bloody website.
What more do you want before you give money to a beggar?! :-)
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