It beggars belief but The BLOG is about to open if we get around to writing for it!

Es increíble pero El BLOG pronto sea abierto si no estaremos demasiados vagos (ó pobre, claro) para usar!

The Lazy Beggars

A quick BIO for Nemo (Resaca)

The Lazy Beggars - Photo of Nemo

BIO for Nemo by Lyndon

We got Nemo (his full name is Nemo Resaca Cocaina Vago Bastardo) while we were living in our cave in Sacromonte, Granada.

He was abandoned when he was 2 or 3 weeks old so we took him in and looked after him until he was stronger.

He´s been with us since 2002 and is still the laziest dog I´ve ever seen!! Well suited to us and far and away more clever than we are!

Check out his photo gallery for some nice shots of him...

BIO for Nemo by Jose

Nemo is a right little bastard who, when not sleeping (a lot) or fucking us off (also a lot!) is busy being adored by all the beautiful girls we meet. :-) ;-)

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