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The Lazy Beggars

A quick BIO for Noem Whisky the dog...

The Lazy Beggars - Photo of Noem Whisky

In November 2006, having resolved to leave Andalucia and explore some other places (it's a difficult place to leave - we spent three very happy years there), we decided firstly to call at Granada to see some old friends in the caves at Sacromonte The "hippy caves" opposite the Alhambra palace in Granada .

We met two of these old friends - Patrick A czech friend that
never has enough beer :-)
and his dog Shiva Whisky's
- who had just delivered seven puppies, for which Patrick A czech friend that never has enough beer :-) was busily looking for carers.

We spent around a month in Sacromonte watching Noem (or Whisky) grow up as she became "part of the family."

Now travelling with us, she devotes her time as Lazy Beggar number four to eating like a goat (as in anything and everything) and testing Nemo's Our friend
and maestro The Maestro of the Lazy Beggars
humour as he patiently awaits her developing enough to become more interesting to him. :-)

Check out her photo gallery for some nice shots of her...

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