Send photos here please.

Check out the original website we did (2003 I think) at :
Looks a bit better now :-)

It beggars belief but The BLOG is about to open if we get around to writing for it!

Es increíble pero El BLOG pronto sea abierto si no estaremos demasiados vagos (ó pobre, claro) para usar!

The Lazy Beggars

Homepage (en)

The Lazy Beggars / Los Vagos Vagabundos / Die Faulen Bettler

Basically we're two very lazy beggars; in the traditional sense (in that we live on the streets and ask people to give us money) and also in the not-quite-traditional sense (in that we're honest and we make people smile to do so).

Oh, yeah...and we've got a website. Welcome to the 21st century :-)

We ask for Food, Wine, Joints and Cocaine (the original version) or for Beer, Wine, Whisky and the Hangover (the light version) - at least we're honest! :-)

We've been using the signs more than fifteen years - travelling around the streets, begging and making people smile.

For many years now we've had a website (the internet being a much larger street ;-) :
We hope it makes you smile.
We hope it makes you think.
We hope it makes you give us money!! :)
The FAQ is a good place to start looking around...use the menus at the top to navigate and remember that links that look like This One Hover over links like these for more info, photos, audio clips etc. and click on them as normal to go places... Good day will popup more information...

Quick Question...
If you saw us on the street, would you give us money??



Well, sorry, but our Lazy Virus has just :

Corrupted all of your files,

Published details of all of your extra-marital affairs,

Shortened your life-expectancy by 17 years.

Be Lazy, but BE GENEROUS!