It beggars belief but The BLOG is about to open if we get around to writing for it!

Es increíble pero El BLOG pronto sea abierto si no estaremos demasiados vagos (ó pobre, claro) para usar!

The Lazy Beggars

What people say...

A selection of articles from the newspapers, blogs etc. that talk about us.

They´re in a variety of different languages so if you want to translate them you´ll have to use the Google language tools.

An article by Tom Hodgkinson in The Guardian arts blog
El Clarin - an Argentinian newspaper
El Comercio - a paper in Ecuador
Diario de Sevilla - a local newspaper in Seville, Spain
La Coctelera - a blog site
A possible case to study for Marketing
Lazy Beggars Episode II - Attack of the clones

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