It beggars belief but The BLOG is about to open if we get around to writing for it!

Es increíble pero El BLOG pronto sea abierto si no estaremos demasiados vagos (ó pobre, claro) para usar!

The Lazy Beggars

We´ll send you a postcard...

OK, here´s the deal - give us 4 Euros and the relevant shipping details and we´ll send a postcard (a real one, not a bloody e-card!) from wherever we happen to be at the time.

Choose which postcard you want from the selection below and then fill in the options on the payment page to tell us the shipping address to send it to and give us a comment to include if you want to (e.g. if you´re sending it to someone else) and we´ll write and send a postcard (in Spanish, English or Spanglish) within about a week.

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The WoMAD festival in Caceres

WoMAD in Caceres, 2004

Plaza de Vittoria, Cordoba, 2004

Plaza de Vittoria, Cordoba, 2004

Top of the Sierra Nevada

Top of the Sierra Nevada :-)

Seville for Christmas

Seville for Christmas

Aznar and Bush

Aznar and Bush trying to get money for the war!! :-)

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