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Lazy-Beggars-Beer-Cocaine-Thanks-2005-05-02-Plantaciones-2 * 1600 x 1200 * (573KB)
Lazy-Beggars-Beer-Cocaine-Thanks-2005-04-30-Plantaciones-best-coffee-in-Sevilla * Plantaciones - ¡lo mejor cafe en Sevilla! * 1280 x 960 * (460KB)
Lazy-Beggars-Beer-Cocaine-Thanks-2005-04-30-Cool-staff-in-Plantaciones * Las gente de Plantaciones - Siempre con sonrisas. * 1280 x 960 * (469KB)
Lazy-Beggars-Beer-Cocaine-Thanks-2004-12-13-Mailboxes-etc * Where to get all your printing stuff done * 1600 x 1200 * (596KB)
Lazy-Beggars-Beer-Cocaine-Thanks-2004-12-02-shop-in-front * The two guapas from the shop in front of us in Calle Tetuan * 1600 x 1200 * (579KB)
Lazy-Beggars-Beer-Cocaine-Thanks-2004-11-29-Sevila-Internet-Center * The Sevilla Internet Center - where I´ve done most of the work on the site. Really helpful (and multilingual) staff and good computers / connection. * 1600 x 1200 * (600KB)
Lazy-Beggars-Beer-Cocaine-Thanks-2004-11-11-Europtic * The Europtic center in Calle Tetuan in Sevilla (in front of where we busk) who are always smiling and helpful. * 1600 x 1200 * (584KB)
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